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HLS - Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Support and Comfort

group-coachingIs there a conflict in your life where you would like to have the loving support of community with others who are going through the same thing? Joining a Coaching Group may be just what you need.

Instead of one-on-one coaching, you will be coached in a group of like-minded individuals who are looking for support, structure, and guidance just like you. Coaching Groups may be available on the following topics:

  • "Moms in Harmony" Coaching Group- This coaching group provides support and strategies for Working and Stay-at Home Moms.
  • "Wives in Harmony" Coaching Group- This coaching group is for women looking for support and encouragement in their marriages. 


Also, if you have a topic and some friends who would be interested in starting your own group, I’d be happy to facilitate and coach your group!

Inquire about joining or starting a Coaching Group