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7 Traits of a Trustworthy Relationship

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Oftentimes in relationships, you can be hard-pressed to find people you can really trust.  At first glance, people may have the appearance of being trust-worthy but unfortunately, you later find that’s not the case.  However, there are some genuinely trust-worthy people out there.  You may be one of them or blessed to be in relationship with someone who is.   Here are seven trustworthy traits I've observed within my own personal relationships.  

  1. They prioritize the relationship

It’s wonderful to hear how special you are; it’s another to SEE and experience it.  Trustworthy people are deliberate in communicating that their relationships are a priority.  Where and how they spend their time, energy and resources reflect that.


  1. They cover and protect you

Within a loving and nurturing relationship, trustworthy people are conscious in not exposing your faults and short-comings, especially in the presence of others.  Instead they look for ways to build you up and encourage you along your journey.


  1. They correct you in love when you need to be corrected.

It’s invaluable to have people in our lives who love us enough to pull our coat-tails when we need correction.  The key is in the delivery.  Trustworthy people do this in a spirit of love and out of genuine concern for our well-being.


  1. They are faithful and committed. 

In romantic relationships, trustworthy people only have eyes for you.  They ensure no one else occupies nor shares the intimate spaces reserved for you alone.   It’s sacred protection within sacred bounds.


  1. They can be counted on in and good and bad times. 

You can count on trustworthy people to “have your back”, whether you’re at the height of your game or at the bottom of a dark, murky pit.  They’ll be the ones to help you climb out, dust you off, and get you back on your feet again.


  1. They are who they say they are. 

Nothing’s more frustrating than when people say one thing but yet they DO another.  Trustworthy people say what they mean and mean what they say; their words can be trusted.  Even when things aren't perfect, they do what they can to make things right which demonstrates their character and integrity.


  1. They don’t mistake your kindness for weakness. 

Many of us are very giving in our relationships. Unfortunately, our generosity sometimes makes us vulnerable to being taken advantage of.  Trustworthy people appreciate your giving nature, but value the relationship enough to not misuse and abuse your generosity.


Although it can sometimes be a challenge to find people you can really trust, there are genuine people who possess these qualities.  It’s important to value our trustworthy relationships and seek to improve upon where we fall short.   So what does a trustworthy relationship look like to you?

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Ginger Finney is a Certified Relationship Coach and President of Harmony Life Solutions. Harmony Life Solutions (HLS) provides professional coaching services and resources for women and families. Ginger brings more than twenty years of marriage and family experience to her practice, and embraces the opportunity to see her clients thrive in their relationships. © 2015, Ginger Finney. All rights reserved.


  • Guest
    Pepper Bush Thursday, 27 March 2014

    A trustworthy relationship is one that is balanced with give and take and where you feel appreciated and not taken for granted.

  • Guest
    Karen Friday, 28 March 2014

    What a thoughtfully composed list of trustworthy relationships!! If you want a person you can trust, look for a person of Integrity.

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