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Make It Last Forever: Going the Distance in Marriage

The love of my life and I have just celebrated 24 years of marriage this week!  Where did the time go? Sure, there have been ups and downs, good times and bad, but I’m so thankful the good times have far out-weighed the bad.  

So what are five keys things that have made our love endure over the years?

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Making Time for Intimacy

Taking time to nurture our intimate relationships is critical.  A healthy sex life has been said to be the “glue” to help keep our marriages strong and healthy.  But with the hustle and bustle of our lives, it can be a real challenge to make and keep this area a priority.  However, with a little know how and advanced planning, we can come out winning in our intimate relationships.

 So what are some common intimacy distractions and the solutions to increase intimacy?

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Relationship 101: Taking Care of You!

You may have spent the past several weeks cleaning, shopping, cooking, and entertaining others over the holidays.  You’re thankful for the opportunity to serve and give the way you have, but now it’s time to refresh and recharge YOU!  To continue giving and serving others, we have to remember the importance of taking care of ourselves, and to re-fuel our own tanks.  Failure to do so can lead to hidden resentment, exhaustion or burn-out.  

So what are some ways we can recharge and take care of ourselves?

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How to Resolve the Silent Treatment

Playing the silent treatment can be very harmful and damaging in our relationships. You know how it goes: your spouse offends you or does something to make you angry and you retaliate with the silent treatment. This can lead to a breakdown in communication and next thing you know, you’re not speaking to each other for days or weeks! This can erode trust and intimacy in our relationships.

We can find ourselves in this situation when we don’t speak up right away when our spouse offends us. Even though we don’t always have to call ‘foul’ on every little thing, there are times when we need to bring things to their attention. If not, that “little issue” can brew into a full blown offense: leading to hurt, bitterness, and resentment.

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Self-less Love

Today was a really rotten, good for nothing, kind of day.  The kind of day where you just want to go to bed, pull the covers overhead, cry yourself to sleep, and be done with it.  But I didn’t get that chance; no, all because of the self-less love of my eight-year-old son.  He impacted my life forever with these six tender words: “Mommy, can I pray for you?”  Wow, for real?   My son has said his prayers at night and before meals, and he’s been the recipient of my prayers for him, but tonight I was on the receiving end of a child’s prayer.  What a blessing.

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