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Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Disrespect

Most of us have experienced the crazy cycle of disrespect and lack of love from one time or another in our marriages, and if you haven’t, then you haven’t been married long enough!  It starts when one spouse says or does something that was unkind, unloving, or downright disrespectful.  Next thing you know, the other spouse responds similarly.  And here we go – the vicious cycle begins!

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6 Ways to Keep Dating your Spouse

In our marriages, we often make a critical mistake: we stop dating our spouse.  This is especially true after we become parents.  As husband and wives, we’re juggling careers, children, households, and outside commitments.  With that kind of hectic schedule, we’re lucky to even get a kiss in the morning, not to mention a date night!

If we want to keep our marriages strong and healthy, we have to make dating our spouse a priority.  So, how do we do that?

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5 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong and Healthy

Today, relationships have to work really hard to remain strong and healthy. However, with determination and commitment, couples can ensure their relationship will be successful and resilient by applying the following five key principles.

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