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“Save Some” for Your Relationship


For all the things we do as couples, whether it’s a date night, sharing our hearts, or intimate time, it’s imperative to “save some” for our relationships.   If we don’t, it’s so easy to start down a slippery slope of bitterness and resentment when love needs aren’t met.

When it’s time to connect as a couple, my husband and I haven’t always been in sync with our time, desire and energy levels.  We have polar opposite biological clocks; I am a morning person and he’s a night person.  When I want to talk to him first thing in the morning, he’s not the slightest bit interested.   When he wants to work on business stuff with me late at night, I’m not feeling it.  We have also struggled withtrying to watch a movie together because I often fall asleep thirty minutes into the movie and begin waking up as the credits are rolling.  Let’s just say, that doesn’t make for a good date night!

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“Do You Love Me More Than You Love Cars?”

So the other night I told my husband, “I love you”, and he said, “I love you too”.  I then asked him, “Do you love me more than you love cars?” He laughed because he and I both know he has an INSANE passion for sports cars!  He then joked and said, “It depends on whether it’s a multi-million dollar dream car or not!”  I looked at him crazy and he said, “Yes, I love you more than I love cars.”  He then added, “You are an APPRECIATING asset and cars are DEPRECIATING assets.”

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7 Traits of a Trustworthy Relationship

Oftentimes in relationships, you can be hard-pressed to find people you can really trust.  At first glance, people may have the appearance of being trust-worthy but unfortunately, you later find that’s not the case.  However, there are some genuinely trust-worthy people out there.  You may be one of them or blessed to be in relationship with someone who is.   Here are seven trustworthy traits I've observed within my own personal relationships.  

  1. They prioritize the relationship

It’s wonderful to hear how special you are; it’s another to SEE and experience it.  Trustworthy people are deliberate in communicating that their relationships are a priority.  Where and how they spend their time, energy and resources reflect that.

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How to Overcome Discontentment in Your Relationship


Sometimes we all struggle with discontentment in our lives.  We may think if we just had more money, a bigger house, nicer car, or better body, THEN we’d be happier and content.  But, what happens when you become discontent with the one you love?  Here are some ways to help you overcome discontentment in your relationship: 

• Guard your Senses.   It’s important to guard against what you look at, listen to, think about, or even touch.    Maybe it’s the flirty co-worker who regularly compliments you with a twinkle in their eye or the hug that lasts a little too long.  Maybe it’s the TV program, book or magazine that quietly whispers the fun you could be having elsewhere.  Whatever the source, guard your senses and be alert to things that breed discontentment in your relationship.

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Last Chance to Love?


How would you express your love if TODAY was your last chance to love?  Would you say, “I love you” one more time before walking out the door? Would you come home a little earlier, stay up a little later, snuggle a little closer just to let them know?  Would you put aside your work, TV remote and smart devices to give them your undivided attention?  Who in your life needs to know how much you appreciate them, how valuable they are, and how they mean the world to you? What if for reasons beyond your control, you didn’t get the chance to express your love tomorrow?  Don’t make the mistake of taking the beautiful relationships in your life for granted.  Make sure the person(s) that you love can see, hear, touch and feel it TODAY while you still have the chance.

How can YOU express your love today?




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