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HLS - Testimonials


I was so blessed by Ginger's coaching sessions. She really helped me get unstuck by processing where I am and the direction I want my life to take. Then, she helped me think through how to get there; as a result, I'm in a much better place today. I looked forward to our weekly sessions to help me "keep it moving."

--Nicole B.


Initially, I was unaware of the benefits provided by coaching until my first coaching session with Ginger. I was hooked! First, Ginger assisted me in fine tuning the goals I had for my life. Second, she was effective in inspiring me and identifying a personalized path for me to reach those goals. A win for me was a win for us. With her support, I have taken significant strides in achieving those goals. She has been a blessing to my life as her coaching has taught me concepts and skills that will benefit me for a lifetime.

--C. Clemons


After years of searching for truth and understanding about my life, my choices and my purpose, I found myself at the threshold of a new beginning. I knew from merely witnessing Ginger as a friend in my life that I could trust her and she could help me. God truly spoke to and through her to help me begin to understand what holy matrimony really means; how, where and when to turn to God in challenging moments; and how to praise God in all areas of my marriage, even intimacy.

--Maria A.



I had several projects rolling around in my head, bits and pieces of paper covering my desk and no organization physically or mentally. The one hour first session put everything in order.  Ginger was able to see my vision through the clutter of my mind. Our successive sessions
brought greater order through showing me how to take each task step-by-step. She’s non-judgmental, so no matter how much it took to unravel my steps, we worked through it and I always felt better for it.

The process is transferrable. Now, no matter what I’m working-on, I can use the process she took me through. I’ve gained skills for a lifetime. Not everything I gained is tangible; some of the gains are mental and spiritual.

I thank God for Ginger. She is an awesome Coach and will be a blessing to so many in her career.

--Sherri L. Williams